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At Wood Associates, we take pride in knowing that our customers our satisfied with the results we provide. Here are what some of them had to say:



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Automobile Corporation

“Had it not been for the Wood Associates team coming to the project, we would have not had the success—I believe there would have been a failure of systems and the project would have been delayed. I think that it could be said that Wood Associates “saved” the project!”
Vice President, Information Technology


“Working with Wood Associates has been a pleasure. Their skills at coordinating resources, developing comprehensive SOWs and negotiating fees for services is unmatched. Before Wood Associates came to the project I felt that I was dealing with too many people and that no one was really taking the “lead” to pull it all together. Wood Associates pulled it together and provided a new focus for the team!”
Director, IT Project Planning

US Telecommunications Corporation

“ …this team was exceptional in its focus. The initial training and project plan provided for a smooth flow of effort and team direction. …the Wood Associates team maintained a high level of flexibility that allowed a solid team approach to be achieved.”
Lessons Learned Review, VP Customer Care


“I have been especially impressed with the teaming. Throughout the entire planning process (frequent conference calls), Wood Associates has given solid direction while promoting input from each team member. The team was well prepared for the kickoff meeting with the customer, and showed the ability to adapt to changes in direction on the part of the customer!”
Avaya Professional Services Offer Manager

International Telecommunications Company

“We really admire Wood Associates… When the team monitored the system all night and discovered our errors, the team knew immediately how to fix the problem and took responsibility when explaining to our Director without blaming us.”
Operations Manager


“Let’s see if I understand this after listening to my managers. The system after cutover met and exceeded all our objectives except the one my managers and I had never shared with you. And, the only problems we had were caused by our internal communications errors leading to our own incorrect translations… Now we understand. Now we will listen to you, and now we will do…(nearly) everything you ask.”
Call Centre Director

International Financial Corporation

“It is definitely a pleasure working with Wood Associates during the last two weeks. I’m sure all of us at… will benefit from the findings and recommendations contained in your report.”


“This project would never have made it without Wood Associates. Different factions were destroying each other and nothing was getting done. When Wood Associates arrived it started changing immediately. The team understood how the systems had to work. Problems were solved. Applications started working. Even more importantly, everyone started getting along. Everyone was willing to work with the team, and they made peace as well as progress.”

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