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Is your call center in chaos? Are your customer’s stuck in queue? At Wood Associates, our team of professionals can help you go from chaos to champions. We will assess your current call center flow operations against the following 22 Best-In-Class Elements to determine if there is a need for improvement. For more information, contact us today at info@callwac.com or (303) 471-1081.


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Call Evaluation

__o ASA
__o Queue Time
__o Blockage
__o Abandon Calls
__o Outbound Calls
__o Transferred Calls
__o After Call
__o IVR Call Handling

Call Forecasting

__o Accuracy
__o Future Calls

__o Schedule Adherence
__o Occupancy
__o Available Time
__o Attrition Rate

__o First Call Resolution
__o Repeat Calls
__o Customer Satisfaction
__o IS Availability

__o Performance Feedback
__o Outcome Based Pay for Performance
__o Strategic Plan
__o Vision/Mission

__o Cost per Call (by minute)
__o Training Time
__o Recognition Plans

__o Customer Knowledge Data
__o Customer Contact Automation

__o Attendant Prompting
__o IVR Prompts
__o "0" to live attendant


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