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Wood Associates can perform an objective contact center assessment for single or multiple contact centers and provide you a clear understanding of the opportunities available through the examination of five key areas of your business. Within two weeks, our team will review your current contact center operations and demonstrate how your organization can substantially improve in these areas:


Evaluate your organization’s strategies and effectiveness, communication, measurements, plus review the alignment of the strategy with the customer, technology, call and work flow, and associates.

Customer Value

Assess customer loyalty, understand and determine customer expectations, determine customer vehicles and the strategy for the future, gather customer communication and feedback, determine customer segmentation, and more.

Employee Value

Examine communication flow, staffing and scheduling, employee satisfaction, hiring and recruiting process, training program, determine performance metrics and appraisal, and recognition plans.

Call / Work Flow

Review documentation, evaluation process management, improvement, change, and look at change experience and history.

Interaction Technology Center

Evaluate your existing call center telephony system, self-service technology, your company’s future plans, management tools, and reporting process.


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