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Our Organization Development service helps your company manage change successfully—a competitive advantage! Here are a few of the business consulting services available:

Business Management

Change Management
If your company is faced with major change, our advisors can effectively guide your organization through this change.

Customized Interventions for Problem Solutions
Too often today companies attempt to apply a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits all approach to business problems. We appreciate the unique environment of your business. While we borrow generously from best practices in specific industries, we customize solutions that match your situation. This approach recognizes that each organization possesses its own culture that has evolved over time to support the enterprise in meeting its goals. We take a holistic and systems approach designed to create the greatest impact on meeting your business goals. We work within your culture to:
__o  Understand unique business environments
__o  Customize solutions to match situations
__o  Analyze your business
__o  Align processes

Systemic Business Performance Analysis
We will work with your organization to ensure that all components of your business are working together to meet your business goals and objectives.

Human Performance Assessment
To keep pace with the fast changing business world requires your employees to have current skills, experience, knowledge, and commitments that will help keep your organization profitable. We can provide assessments of these skills, identify needed skills, and provide a professional development plan to meet your strategic vision. It’s not enough to know what you need today for success; anticipating what you will need in the future to meet your strategic vision moves you ahead of the competition.

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High Performance Team Development
Teams are highly interdependent, engage in complex relationships, and work toward common goals with imperfectly matched values and different ideas about how to do things. A High Performance Team combines the individual strengths of its members into a functional whole that is greater, and thereby significantly more effective, than its separate parts. To leverage the value of a high performance team we provide:
__o  Team assessment and evaluation
__o  High performance team modeling
__o  Customized interventions

We will assess and evaluate new, existing, or matrix teams for key high performance characteristics that will maximize your business results.

Customized Business Development
When you’re too close to a situation that you question your own objectivity, it helps to have the expertise of an outside business specialist. We offer customized consulting services that help you meet and exceed your goals and objectives.

Our team of advisors can assist you in the following services which are targeted to focus your organization on the critical activities that lead to meeting your goals.
__o Cultural assessment
__o Strategic planning facilitation
__o Measurement systems design
__o Survey design and analysis of data
__o Leadership development
__o One-on-one coaching
__o Group process facilitation
__o Educational consulting
__o Mission / Vision development

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