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Business Services: Project Management

Project Leadership
Whether the project is big or small, our project managers are able to manage implementation timelines, coordinate scheduling, task assignment, task management, acceptance, training and follow-up for your organization’s project. The following components are identified during each phase of an engagement:

__o Phase 1: Project Development
__o ID project team
__o ID detailed project tasks
__o Develop master schedule
__o Phase 2: Project Control
__o Develop project control plans / processes
__o Monitor and report project status
__o Phase 3: Project Implementation
__o Schedule and coordinate project resources and activities
__o Deliver project on time, within budget and with high degree of quality
__o Phase 4: Project Completion
__o Provide management with operation overview
__o Provide project historical documentation
__o Conduct satisfaction surveys and / or Project De-brief
__o Obtain client acceptance

Leading; rather than managing; is another strategic advantage. Our seasoned professionals have led $MM projects across multiple business channels and vertical business markets. Project Leadership—at Wood Associates!

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Marketing Services
We provide marketing services that are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you are looking to attract new customers or keep existing customer relationships, our team of outsourced innovative and creative thinkers can assist you with your complete marketing solutions.
__o  Marketing Strategies
__o  Direct Marketing
__o  Loyalty Programs
__o  Product Launch
__o  Project Management
__o  Educational Materials

Business Planning and Development
A business plan contains both strategic and tactical plans. The tactical plan addresses how the business intends to achieve its strategic plan. The tactical plan contains sub-plans that detail financial, marketing and operational plans for both the short term and the long term.

We can help you capture that new channel of prospective clients and develop your organization’s plan by obtaining critical information in following areas:
__o Corporate Strategy
__o Marketing Strategy
__o Products and Services
__o Marketing Program
__o Risks
__o Strategic Plan
__o Tactical Plan
__o Planning, Design and Installation

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Business Services: Telecommunications

Network Design
Our team of professional can provide design and integration for the following types of systems:
__o IP networks – LAN
__o Frame Relay/ISDN – WAN
__o Wireless networks
__o Telephone systems
__o CCTV systems

Registered Communications Distribution Design (RCDD®)
Registered Communications Distribution Designer is a professional designation for individuals whose expertise in the design and implementation of telecommunications (voice, data, video, audio, and other low-voltage control) systems, has been registered and certified.

An RCDD designer will ensure that your network and system’s design is:

  • Safe and in compliance with local codes.
  • Reliable and adhering to applicable standards.
  • Functional, ensuring that all systems are integrated and work well together.
  • Supported by providing economical and flexible facilities for commercial, residential and multi-family buildings. An RCDD provides adherence to BICSI® methodologies and all appropriate codes and laws.

Network Mapping/Inventory
Our support services team help you identify what equipment is attached to your IP network by utilizing automated tools that will help us provide you with a comprehensive report that includes a map of what if connected to what. To ensure there are no slow performance problems on your network, we will provide troubleshopping analysis

If you’re experiencing slow performance on your network, our team will perform an analysis of your network and provide a report that recommends solutions that fit your needs.

Website Integrity and Analysis
We check your web site to ensure that it is working properly and all the links are functioning.

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Business Services: Resource Placement

We can provide interim support and help interview candidates for the following staff support:
__o Learning and Development Leaders
__o Business Analysts
__o Support Staff/Help Desk
__o ContactCenter Directors
__o Project Leaders
__o Planning, Design, and Installation    

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