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Contact Centers: Multi-Channel Interactions Center

Call Center Assessment
Today, call centers are faced with providing their customers higher levels of service through multiple contact methods while balancing financial objectives. In addition, call centers must ensure the organization's strategic mission, vision and values are being integrated within all aspects of the operation and at all levels.

The drive to deliver Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies places a significant focus on a contact center's ability to meet these demands. Understanding the operational interdependencies and performance of your contact center compared with your objectives and Best-In-Class metrics can uncover opportunities that create an efficient and effective organization ready to meet the challenge.

Wood Associates can perform an objective contact center assessment for multiple contact center sites that will provide you a clear understanding of the opportunities through examination of five key areas of your business.
__o  Strategy
__o  Customers
__o  CallCenter Personnel
__o  Call / Work Flow
__o  Call Center Technology

At the end of the call center assessment you will be provided a document containing the assessment findings which will provide valuable insight into your specific key customer relationship/customer care drivers and strategies.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuance
Disaster Recovery Planning started being used frequently in the mid 1960s. The expansion of technology into the office has resulted in Disaster Recovery Planning being redefined, but first the term disaster must be understood as Any unplanned event that prevents an organization from performing its critical business functions over a period of time, resulting in unacceptable damage or loss of employees, customers, or assets.

The risks to a business are numerous and varied. During a Disaster Recovery Planning project all realistic risks must be identified and ranked by probability of occurrence. A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan is needed to identify all potential risks to the business and determine recovery strategies for each risk.

Our Business Management team uses a proven Disaster Recovery Planning methodology that encompasses several phases:
__o  Business Impact Analysis
__o  Recovery Strategy Development
__o  Recovery Procedures Development

The benefits realize from conducting a thorough Disaster Recovery Planning process would include the following:
__o  Protection of the critical business functions during the disaster
__o  Reduced exposure to increased operating costs during recovery period

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Human Factors Review
Enhance the customer service experience—a competitive edge—by evaluating your current Interactive Voice Response system through Wood Associate’s Human Factors Review service.

Our specialists are knowledgeable in the following areas of Human Factor’s Review:
__o  Caller Interface Design
__o  Problem Diagnosis & Recommendations
__o  Usability Assessment

By conducting an on-site or remote contact center observation, we will assess your current Contact Center IVR structure and evaluate your existing applications, application structure, announcement wording, and image. Through our expert review we will provide feedback on the outcome of the study and make recommendations on the design of new applications for your IVR system.

Return on Investment Analysis (ROIA)
Improve your contact center management and control through Wood Associates’ in-bound or outbound CRM service and ROI Analysis. We can assist you the following areas:
__o Focus of Presentation
__o Return On Investment (ROI) and Customer Relationship Management
__o Hardware / Software / Human Plant Investment
__o Case Studies Illustrating Information Technologies (IT) ROI
__o Discussions of “soft” ROI
__o CRM as a Strategic Investment
__o Investment as opposed to expense reduction
__o Capturing and growing the valuable customer base
__o Investing in the “channels” your valued customers use
__o Understanding the Contact Center Cost Structure
__o Investments and the acceleration of technologies
__o From investment to design to implementation to analysis
__o Areas of IT ROI
__o Workflow Automation
__o Self Service (IVR)
__o Call Flow Automation
__o Workflow Automation
__o Message Management
__o Software Integration
__o IVR
__o Intelligent Routing

In addition to improvements in contact center management and control, the benefits of process improvements have allowed the client to achieve sensational levels of service. Some areas of major process improvements include:
__o Improved Data Collection and Performance Monitoring
__o Refined Work Flow Management
__o Enhanced Customer Service via IVR

Re-capping the statistic will net you advantages from the greatest payback solutions of self-service tools and applications for your contact centers to the utilization of your entire workforce during peak periods that will help drive excellent customer satisfaction.
__o ROI “Soft” metrics
__o ROI roadmap

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Contact Centers: Customer Care

Contact Center Design and Start-up
We can help you plan and manage all aspects of starting a single or multi-site contact center. From site selection, strategic planning, development, implementation, technology architecture recommendations and deployment, staffing requirements, to resource training; our team of experts will provide your organization with an analysis to assist you with your start-up decision.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
An efficient and reliable Customer Relationship Management plan is not only a necessity in providing quality customer service, but it is also essential to ensure a streamlined sales strategy that will help grow your organization’s revenue. Our team of professionals will examine four key areas of your business and provide you with a report on how we can apply our strength, reliability, and experience in the development of your CRM plan.
__o Business Strategy
__o Customers
__o Personnel
__o Business Process

Strategic Planning
The following is a partial list of assessments that are conducted by our Strategy Planning team during an engagement. For more information on how we can help your organization develop a strategic plan that meets your needs, contact us today at info@callwac.com or call us at (303) 471-1081.
__o Develop the organization’s Mission.
__o Develop organizational values or guiding principles.
__o Identify customer needs and satisfaction levels.
__o Compile, analyze, and reporting of employee feedback and recommendations.
__o Provide Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Treats (SWOT) analysis.
__o Facilitate strategy planning and review sessions.
__o Work with your organization’s leadership to develop realistic and measurable goals.
__o Create executive information management systems and reporting tools.
__o Plan and implement organizational change management.
__o Provide focus measurement and metrics.

Workforce Planning
Staffing to meet your Contact Center’s call volume is quite simple. You need to be able to predict your center’s call volume, how long it takes to handle each of the calls and how much of your staff is going to be available to handle the calls.

There is no better resource than yourself when it comes to making decisions for your business. In order to understand Call Center Agent “utilization” our team of professionals can assist you on how to measure the following components that will help you determine how many people are going to be available to answer calls.
__o Disability/Absence
__o Training
__o Vacation
__o Meeting
__o Coaching/Development
__o Discretionary
__o Non-productive

Other Services
Contact us today at (303) 471-1081 or e-mail us at info@callwac.com for more information on the following services provided by Wood Associates:
__o Customer Retention
__o Employee Retention
__o Quality Planning and Review
__o Efficiency Analysis
__o Personnel Development

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