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Improve call handling processes for your contact center supervisors and agents through call center management training. Here is a partial list of courses we offer.


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Contact Center Training

Performance Management through Coaching and Feedback Essentials
This one-day course is beneficial for managing team leaders and team members responsible for the day-to-day supervision, motivation, and productivity of employees.

Participants will learn how to coach employees and solve the three types of performance related problems by learning to overcome deficient behaviors that impact personal performance and customer satisfaction.
__o  Work Ethics
__o  Personal Habits
__o  Work Practices

This innovative approach will equip leaders with techniques that they will use in structuring a supportive environment and addressing individual style differences, and differences in value systems.

Topics include:

__o Defining Coaching                                                      __o Coaching Essentials
__o Modeling Coaching Behavior                                    __o Identifying Qualities
__o Following the Coaching Process                              __o Using Feedback 
__o Characteristics and Skills of Effective Coaches     __o Measuring Success
__o Recognizing and Rewarding Positive Behavior

Recommended Group Size: 6-20

Customer Care Valuing the Elderly
This half-day workshop is beneficial for customer service agents, sales representatives, and all individuals who work with mature customers.

This course lends a hand-on interactive and experiential learning experience that helps sales and service providers increase their degree of awareness, understanding, and empathy when dealing with the elderly. In addition to improving job satisfaction, this fun and informative workshop is intended to improve customer satisfaction for one of your most valuable customer segment.

Topics include:
__o The elderly market demographics and financial importance.
__o What is it like grow old? (Loss of Touch, Sight, Hearing, Speech, Motion, and Orientation)
__o Gaining the trust of the elderly.
__o Recognition and removal of service obstacles.
__o Creating a positive service experience.
__o Growing the business relationship.

Recommended Group Size:6-12

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Customer Care Dynamics- “managing the moments of truth”
This one-day workshop benefits customer service agents, sales representatives, team leaders, managers and team members responsible for front line day-to-day customer service interactions.

This course introduces customer contact employees to the principles needed to understand what it takes to develop a high quality, effective and consistent level of customer service. The participants will gain knowledge and learn techniques that will enable them to maintain the control and direction of the conversation. They will also learn how to reduce stress and create a favorable win-win outcome of each service exchange.

Topics include:
__o Primary determinants of quality customer service.
__o Identifying non-productive behaviors on what to say and how to say it.
__o How to build rapport with the customer.
__o Leading the interaction to a productive solution.
__o How to personalize your customer relations approach.
__o Staying in control of behavior.
__o Reducing stress.

Recommended Group Size: 6-20

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Telephone Skills
This course is beneficial for customer service agents, sales representatives, and all individuals who have customer contact on the phone.

This course introduces customer contact employees to the principles needed to understand what it takes to develop a high quality, effective and consistent level of customer service. The participants will gain knowledge and an understanding on how to effectively utilize some of the following telephone skills.
__o Your role as company representative
__o Effective communication
__o Effective listening
__o Communicating on the phone
__o Telephone Persona
__o Voice tone and quality
__o Attitude
__o Positive self image
__o Competence
__o Providing feedback
__o Avoiding distractions

My World Class Center
This intensive two-day seminar for call center managers offers topics including performance measures, quality service, training, and motivation and rewards. This interactive seminar requires group discussions and participation in case study exercises.

Day One
AM Session: Performance Measures
This session will teach you how to identify which performance measures are most valuable for your call center. More importantly this course will teach you what the results mean and how to make changes based on the results obtained.

PM: Session: Quality Service
Call centers used to measure success through efficiency. A more accurate measure of success looks at customer satisfaction, which is driven by quality service. Contact centers exist to serve the customer, and therefore, quality is defined in relation to the customer. This session will help you to define quality in your contact center and show you how to use the information obtained from customer satisfaction surveys to increase quality and improve customer satisfaction. This sessionalso looks at different agent monitoring methods and the strengths and weaknesses of each method to determine what kind of service your agents are providing.

Day Two
AM: Session: Training
Quality service and customer satisfaction can only be achieved with knowledgeable and proficient agents. Training methods and evaluations will be discussed. You will develop a new hire training outline and identify ongoing training issues for a hypothetical call center.

PM: Session: Motivation and Rewards
Call centers can be stressful environments with pressures for the agents to perform and sell. Motivated agents perform better, sell more, and stay longer. This session outlines how to motivate your contact center agents and provide meaningful rewards to reinforce behaviors and reduce attrition.

Partner Instructor-led Courses
With our partners, we have delivered hundreds of seminars over the last 7 years, and all are polished, popular instructors in this mode of delivery. All of our courses are developed and delivered based on adult learning principles. Each training program contains minimal lecture and is augmented with case studies, group activities, review sessions, and hands-on activities.

Course offerings include the following:
__o The ABCs of Call Centers

Learn about the types of contact centers there are, industry numbers and demographics, types of contacts, business functions, organization structure and the role in the enterprise.

About the People
You will develop an understanding of recruiting and hiring, job descriptions, selection criteria, training, qualitative and quantitative measures, retention, and more.

Behind the Scenes
You will gain knowledge of Workforce Management, definitions and steps, data gathering, forecasting workload, defining service goals, calculating staff requirements and creating workforce schedules. In addition, we will cover technology, the path of a call, call routing technologies, ACD, IVR, desktop tools, CTI, management tools, quality monitoring, contact center performance, service measures, and more.

Customer Relationship Management
Learn about CRM definition and trends, people, process, technology, Customer value, definition, calculations and application.

Conclusion and Next Steps
Ongoing Professional Development, Associations, Publications Conferences and Seminar.

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Other Business Management Training

From business management to eLearning we can conduct the following training seminars at our location and yours—saving you time and money!
__o Project Leadership
__o Negotiation Skills
__o Leadership Skills
__o Course Development
__o Web-based workshops
__o Cyber Courseware
__o Master Series in Contact Center Management

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